Technology and Expert Knowledge optimizing dialog between patients and providers for real behavior change

Tools for Cancer

Cancer patients can build personalized action plans to help combat fatigue and other problems related to the cancer and its treatment.

Tools for Diabetes

People living with diabetes can set their own goals and track their progress in diet, exercise, heart health, glucose control and emotional coping.

Tools for Asthma / COPD

Certified Respiratory Educators (CREs) can help people control their asthma or COPD symptoms with spirometry testing, inhaler technique review, and treatment recommendations.

UKPDS CV Risk Digital Assessment

Based on the United Kingdom Prospective Diabetes Study, this digital solution allows health care professionals to estimate a patient's 10 year risk of macrovascular complications (coronary heart disease and stroke), and determine how that risk might be reduced based on patient behaviour changes. Downloadable patient education materials are accessible through the program.

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Case Studies Cancer Diabetes Asthma / COPD UKPDS

A platform to support call center care teams manage the patient empowerment and behavior change programs

A mobile platform to support patient self care and behavior change and adherence

A platform to support allied health professionals/educators accelerate assessments, run and document the education process (currently being used in COPD, Asthma and Diabetes)

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