of physicians worry that their patients are not adhering to treatment as prescribed.*


of patients say their doctors are limited to only 10-20 minutes in an office visit.*


more clinic engagement with Lyceum software to support decisions and administration.


more patient engagement with Lyceum applications to connect with healthcare professionals.

*Chronic Care Management Report from Quest Diagnostics (2018)

Our Solutions

Lyceum’s digital health solutions support specialty providers and their patients by expediting access to treatment while improving the treatment journey. We do this by connecting doctors, patients and the life science industry with our proprietary SaaS applications.


Automated software and service tools for intake, enrollment, prior authorisation support and more.

  • RxNexus takes away the barriers to prescribing specialty medications.


Automated Access Coordination software and service tools for intake, enrollment, prior authorization support and more.


The world’s first digital psychotherapeutic support service for individuals with advanced chronic and acute diseases.

  • iCalm bridges the gap in psychosocial support that exists due geographic hurdles, limited resources or lack of training in healthcare centres.

Our Clients

We are working closely together to improve patient care.

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