What is RxNexus?

With automated software and service tools for intake, Hub enrollment, prior authorization support and more,
RxNexus takes away the barriers to prescribing specialty medications. Learn how RxNexus can help your business grow.


Lyceum is focused on eliminating access hurdles associated with prescribing specialty medications. RxNexus solves the issue of drug access coordination for new and renewal patients.the RxNexus system reduces the barriers to prescribing and initiating specialty medications.


RxNexus is connected to the clinic staff, electronic health records (EHR) and all clinic specialty patients. Leveraging this connectivity, RxNexus consolidates key data into an expert standardized workflow for Access Coordinators.

Easy to Setup and Provides Immediate Value

Services are available to participating clients as software as a Service (SaaS) modules withinthe RxNexus system. Our modules provide a cost-effective way to maximize the number of candidate patients prescribed a specialty medication, expedite the HUB enrolment process, and improve the prior authorization & reimbursement approval process.


Service levels can be tailored to your unique needs

Access Essentials

Access coordination services and resources

Patient Essentials

Integrated patient portal with access tools and resources

Insight Essentials

Data, reporting and market research tools

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